Seamaster Super Glo Plus High Gloss Finish is a high gloss enamel finishing paint. It is specially formulated to provide fast drying enamel finish for both exterior and interior. It can be applied on both wood and metal surfaces but is excellent in painting of metal structures for anti-corrosive purpose.


Seamaster Super Glo High Gloss Finish is a high quality economical enamel finishing paint. Specially formulated to provide fast drying enamel finish for interior use on wood and metal surfaces. Excellent for painting of metal structures.


Seamaster Synlac Synthetic High Gloss Finish is oil modified alkyd enamel paint, which provides excellent gloss. This product is also formulated to provide excellent durability, colourfastness and fungus resistant. 9900 Synlac is supply in various attractive colours; it is easy to apply to give a good glossy smooth surface. This product has been tested and certified to SIRIM Malaysia Standard MS 1.25: 1985 (Certificate No.: PS010708).


Seamaster Anti-Bacterial Formula Luxury Wall Finish is a proven high quality wall finish that provides protection from bacteria and promotes healthier and better living. It forms a tough and elastic film that can seals hairline cracks and has excellent resistant to fungus and algae. This product has a superior stain and scrub resistance that promises a lasting durable coating. Its exceptional waterproof and alkaline resistance properties protect wall and cement from damage. It is a low VOC, APEO free and formaldehyde free product. It does not contain lead, chrome, mercury, aromatic and halogenated solvents.


Seamaster Higlos Luxury Silky Wall Finish is a smooth and easy-to-apply wall-finish specially formulated to protect and decorate interior surfaces. It forms a tough film that is washable, good adhesion onto previously painted surfaces, good alkaline and fungus resistance, good gloss retention, excellent colour fastness and quick drying. It is a low odour, low VOC, APEO free and Formaldehyde free product. It passed / complied with all requirements under Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS).


Seamaster 7500 Silk Pro Easy Wash is a satin wall finish for interior surfaces. It is washable with good adhesion, good alkaline and fungusresistance. It is a low odour, low VOC, APEO free and Formaldehyde free product. Specially formulated for protection and decoration of interior masonry and other surfaces such as plaster wall, cement, gypsum board,brickwork, hard and soft boards & on appropriately primed wood surfaces.


Seamaster Spot-Free Luxury Wall Finish is a superior quality emulsion paint specially formulated to provide stain resistance, low odour, low VOC, APEO and formaldehyde free for protection and decoration of interior masonry. It has excellent hydrophilic stain repellence which allowed all household stain such as coffee, tea, juice, ketchup, wine, etc to form into beads and roll down the wall. Besides, its hydrophobic stain removal also allowed others stain like lipstick being clean effectively. Others than its beading effect, Seamaster Spot-Free Luxury Wall Finish also provide excellent alkaline and fungus resistance. Its low VOC compliance, APEO and formaldehyde free is ideal for SAVES your earth and family. It passed / complied with all requirements under Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS).


Seamaster Paint 10400 Masterstone Creative Stone-Like Coating is a highly durable acrylic resin combining coloured sand and stone chips in a chemical formulation that results in a different coloured stone-like effect. It gives an elegant and classic atmosphere has three dimensional effects, able to achieve a different graphic texture and colour effects. It has resistance against corrosion, discolouration, water and does not cause pollution. It is easy to clean, apply and cost effective relative to other similar stone coatings.


Seamaster Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating is a proven superior quality algae and fungus resistant elastomeric coating. It has durable membrane for high performance under severe weathering conditions. Elastomeric is a self cross-linked acrylic emulsion formulated for waterproofing and can be used to cover hairline crocks. It is flexible, dirt resistant and bridge cracks. 

Seamaster Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating has good “breathability” property for prevention of moisture build up in walls and roofs beside remarkable elastic recovery and resilience to thermal expansion and contraction. It provides good chemical and alkaline resistance with excellent adhesion.

Uses : For the protection and decoration of all exterior masonry and renderings; including plasters, cements, asbestos, brickworks, hard and soft boards, or appropriately primed wood. Strongly recommended for exterior wall of high-rise buildings where frequent repainting is inconvenient and uneconomical.


Seamaster Thermal Insulating Coating is a breakthrough in paint and coating technology by incorporating Nano-scaled Photo Catalyst in the formulation. This second generation of insulating coating effectively achieves light rays reflectivity very much higher than by reducing the heat gain through radiation. In addition, the usage of cool pigments from BASF has resulted in reducing heat gain even with darker colours.

Uses :
This unique coating system results in a radiant barrier to block solar energy by good reflectivity, high emissivity and low thermal conductivity. After application, the flexible elastomeric coating which will provide an exceptional heat reduction property on all types of substrates including concrete, metal, fibre glass, roof and many more.

Characteristics and Benefits :

  • Exceptional and durable protective coating even for coastal areas
  • Superior dirt pick-up, algae and fungi resistance
  • It dissipates and reflects UV, visible lights and infrared rays
  • Efficient in the reduction of emission of toxic gasses, GHG and CO2 into the environment
  • Excellent thermal and insulation against solar radiation due to its low conductivity, high reflectivity and high emissivity properties
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C) water-based product, non-toxic chemical and environment friendly
  • Economical and user friendly which can be used on all kinds of substrates
  • Flexible coating that can expand and contract as temperature changes, thus bridging cracks and forming a durable system
  • Effectively reduces the energy consumption required to cool the building when properly used
  • Proven temperature drop of about 10°C
  • Aid in decreasing the effects of global warming