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KH MALL cooperates with a number of courier companies to deliver goods. For every order (limited to one mailing address) that members successfully purchase goods at KH MALL, the system will generate a package by default. KH MALL currently does not provide self-selected logistics services. We will select the most suitable logistics company for members based on the receiving address and product type in the order.

Delivery Area
The distribution scope of KH MALL covers across Malaysia.

Shipping Fees
1) KH MALL stores nationwide, the shipping fee is RM5.00 per order (weight 0.5kg), individual special products may require additional shipping costs, which will be specified on the product introduction page;

2) KH MALL adopts a unified delivery fee standard. No matter how many products are purchased, only one shipping fee is charged for an order, and no additional fee is charged.

Delivery Time
1. KH MALL promises that if the member’s order fails to be delivered to the member within the promised delivery time limit; the member’s order is not delivered successfully after 15 days from the delivery date, KH MALL can handle the return according to the member’s request.

[Note] In the event of traffic control, floods, Nature disasters, earthquakes, holidays, power outages and other factors are not within the scope of the promised service.

2. After the member orders successfully, relevant professionals will review the information such as the goods ordered by the member, the mailing address, and the payment within 12 hours. After the review is passed, the package will usually be dispatched within 1-2 days; after the parcel is dispatched, the system will update the delivery-related information to the member’s account information. The member can check the package’s status through “My Transaction-Order Management-Order Tracking” on the homepage. Delivery situation.

[Note] The delivery time of some brands of direct shipping products is subject to the product details page, please understand!

3. The delivery time is subject to the estimated delivery time in each region, and the order is not included in the delivery time on the day of delivery. For example, the estimated delivery time of Sabah or Sarawak area delivery service is 2-4 days after the goods are delivered. Member orders are shipped on the 10th, and the expected arrival time is 12-14th. If there is a special delivery time, the delivery will be postponed according to the actual situation

4. The delivery time of KH MALL is from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. Please arrange the receiving time reasonably. If you have special needs, please call +6016 6428500 or contact online customer service.

5. In addition, if the member has successfully ordered KH MALL merchandise, after the merchandise is sent, you can log in to “My Transaction-Order Management-Order Tracking” to check the delivery of the purchased merchandise.

Delivery Tacking

If the member has successfully ordered the KH MALL products, you can log in: My Transaction-Order Management, find the corresponding order number, check the order status, check the delivery status of the order in the order status, or click “to express delivery” in the order overview “Official website query” will link to the corresponding distribution logistics company, enter the distribution logistics order number, you can query the delivery details of the product.