Seamaster Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating is a proven superior quality algae and fungus resistant elastomeric coating. It has durable membrane for high performance under severe weathering conditions. Elastomeric is a self cross-linked acrylic emulsion formulated for waterproofing and can be used to cover hairline crocks. It is flexible, dirt resistant and bridge cracks. 

Seamaster Elastomeric Waterproofing Wall Coating has good “breathability” property for prevention of moisture build up in walls and roofs beside remarkable elastic recovery and resilience to thermal expansion and contraction. It provides good chemical and alkaline resistance with excellent adhesion.

Uses : For the protection and decoration of all exterior masonry and renderings; including plasters, cements, asbestos, brickworks, hard and soft boards, or appropriately primed wood. Strongly recommended for exterior wall of high-rise buildings where frequent repainting is inconvenient and uneconomical.

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