Seamaster Thermal Insulating Coating is a breakthrough in paint and coating technology by incorporating Nano-scaled Photo Catalyst in the formulation. This second generation of insulating coating effectively achieves light rays reflectivity very much higher than by reducing the heat gain through radiation. In addition, the usage of cool pigments from BASF has resulted in reducing heat gain even with darker colours.

Uses :
This unique coating system results in a radiant barrier to block solar energy by good reflectivity, high emissivity and low thermal conductivity. After application, the flexible elastomeric coating which will provide an exceptional heat reduction property on all types of substrates including concrete, metal, fibre glass, roof and many more.

Characteristics and Benefits :

  • Exceptional and durable protective coating even for coastal areas
  • Superior dirt pick-up, algae and fungi resistance
  • It dissipates and reflects UV, visible lights and infrared rays
  • Efficient in the reduction of emission of toxic gasses, GHG and CO2 into the environment
  • Excellent thermal and insulation against solar radiation due to its low conductivity, high reflectivity and high emissivity properties
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C) water-based product, non-toxic chemical and environment friendly
  • Economical and user friendly which can be used on all kinds of substrates
  • Flexible coating that can expand and contract as temperature changes, thus bridging cracks and forming a durable system
  • Effectively reduces the energy consumption required to cool the building when properly used
  • Proven temperature drop of about 10°C
  • Aid in decreasing the effects of global warming

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